Aircraft Maintenance

At VIA AIR we put the safety and quality of our operations at the heart of our commercial and growth strategies.

All our aircrafts are maintained within fully accredited maintenance facilities and line stations in Europe and across the African continent, compliant with the strictest SACAA, EASA, ANAC and GDCA standards and regulations.

Additionally, all our bases are staffed with stationed certified engineers (mechanical and avionics) on all types of operated aircrafts. We also operate our own maintenance facility dedicated to the maintenance, repair and upgrade of our Antonov AN26 fleet in Katowice, Poland.

We see the development of a demanding in-house quality system as central. To this end, our dedicated maintenance, quality and safety team members are routinely trained and updated according to the latest safety and security standards and requierements.

“Built on the experience of the past, Invested in a reliable future”

Hangar Facilities & Specialized Spare Parts Services

Since 2018, following strategic investments in our AN26 fleet, we have opened our own maintenance facility in Katowice International Airport, dedicated to our AN26 fleet.

Building upon the history of Katowice International Airport as a former air force base and thriving cargo hub, we are proud to have developed a fully accredited and structured facility capable to host repairs, upgrade and accommodate the largest range of specialized maintenance on Antonov AN26, as well as a variety of other aircrafts.

We also provide hangar-space for short term and long-term projects for a wide number of clients, ranging from private jets parking to the necessary space for regular and ad hoc maintenance for private aircrafts based in the Central and Eastern European region.

In addition, we own an important number of fully certified original AN26 spare parts (ranging from ready-to-fly engines to tires) that guarantee the sustainability of our AN26 specialty and our clients’ operations. As such, we are uniquely positioned to support and service third-party AN26s requiring rapid access to spares in Europe, Africa and beyond.

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