Custom Aviation Solutions

Via Air is a global aviation brand that brings together all the aviation entities and assets (ranging from AOC-holder/operator to aircraft) needed to offer reliable aviation services in complex areas. We design customized solutions for governments, NGOs, international organizations, peacekeeping missions, multinational corporations and private individuals alike, in Africa and beyond.

Peacekeeping &
Humanitarian Support

Supporting major peacekeeping and humanitarian interventions, in some of the world’s toughest environments, has been the backbone of our teams’ commitment and our greatest pride.

Global Emergency Response

Whether we use or own fleet or rely on aircraft of trusted providers, our teams are capable to deliver swift and reliable responses to the most complex emergencies.

Mining and
Oil & Gas support

We have extensive experience supporting resource extraction industries in remote areas accross Africa. We have assisted both large multinational groups and independent operations. From the initial survey phase to crew deployment and resource transportation, we thrive to maintain the highest level of safety and compliance with standardized guidelines set by IOGP, BARS and ISO.

VIP Services &
Emergency Transportations

We have a long history of operating flights for demanding clients (heads of states, government members, business stakeholders or individuals in need of special care). Case study: Since 2018, we have been the main private air transporter of VIPs in challenging areas (frontlines, parks, mining operations, etc.) in the Central African Republic. As such, our team has built a strong culture of reliability, as well as a deep understanding of these individuals’ safety and security requirements. We have had recurrent projects for American and European state departments, embassies, as well as UN and regional organizations.

Passenger Services

Our fleet’s diversity enables us to transport individuals, groups and ticketed passengers, on an charter or scheduled basis, between international airports and remote runways alike. Case study: In South Sudan we operate fixed wings aircraft throughout the country. Our operation includes the setting up of flight programs for NGOs, international institutions and local companies. Likewise, in neighboring Central African Republic we have been operating the only regular touristic scheduled flight to the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve for many years.