Runway Construction & Repair

As part of our African operations, we have been contracted to construct more than a dozen unpaved runways in isolated and sometime hostile environments over the years. Our technical teams go to places often considered to be inaccessible. We take over all aspects of your project, ranging from the logistics of positioning technical teams and construction equipment, hiring local workers, sourcing materials and putting in place long-term runway maintenance programs.

Fleet Management

We advise and help manage the fleets for institutional and private clients in Africa and beyond. We help them improve their operation’s efficiency, sharing decades of experience at a fraction of the cost.


Our history at the heart of the African continent, our ability to successfully bring projects into life in challenging environments, as well as our extensive experience in the aviation industry, qualify us as the perfect partner to accompany companies and institutions seeking to acquire their own fleet and adapted financing solutions.

Specialized Spare Parts
& AOG Transportations

Via Air owns an important number of fully certified original AN26 spare parts (ranging from ready-to-fly engines to tires). As such, we are uniquely positioned to support and service third-party AN26 operators requiring rapid access to spare parts in Europe, Africa and beyond.

Brokering Services

Not always owning the right aircraft needed by our clients has never prevented us to source it for them. Over the years, we have built strong bonds with some of the world’s most reputable operators of cargo and passengers carriers, helping our clients operate a wide variety of exceptional aircraft, ranging from IL76 to VIP jets, conducting due-diligence on their behalf, and achieving their objectives at a competitive price.

Cargo Consolidation,
Packing & Dispatch

Our base at Katowice International Airport, one of Europe’s leading cargo hub, has enabled us to organize the purchase, packing, consolidation and dispatch of a wide variety of cargo for our clients located in remote areas over the years.