Fleet Management

Via Air is a fully licensed AOC-holder/operator. All our operations are compliant with the latest ICAO safety requirements and inspired by ISO 9001 and EASA standards. Our AOC, crew, aircraft and departments are regularly audited and managed by managers with vast professional experience. OurĀ  quality and safety management systems are robust and help maintain a culture of responsibility amongst our staff.

Safety: Our Priority

At Via Air, we believe that safety and quality are the prime drivers of efficiency. Our commitment to strict safety management standards has often given us the edge over our competitors. With no major incidents involving any of the aircraft operated on our AOC, we believe that our track record is our best business card.


Our teams plan, record and track the maintenance of all aircraft operated under our name, even those that are not registered on our AOC. We offer 24/7 AOG support to all our fleet. When we need to work with external providers, we make sure that all third parties involved are fully licensed and abide by the highest standards.


At Via Air we firmly believe that strong maintenance tracking and appropriate repairs investments are keys to having a safe and efficient operation. All maintenance work done by third parties on our aircraft are only done by leading accredited providers that we also audit ourselves.Our priority is to make sure that the highest standards are maintained throughout our fleet and operations.


All our crew, ground staff and office employees are regularly trained. We conduct dangerous goods, aviation safety, financial good practice and CRS familiarization trainings for all our staff, regardless of whether they are involved in air operations or not. Our objective is to create a work culture defined by responsibility and awareness throughout our group.