We Know Where We Come From

Having started in the Central African Republic, a country with a difficult recent history, we are committed to invest in empowering and sustainable projects that boost local economies. Our objective is to decrease the reliance of the countries where we operate on international providers that do not seek to stay on the long term. In the Central African Republic and South Sudan, we do not operate under the cover of some of our institutional clients’ operations but as tax-paying businesses that make air transport available to all. At Via Air we like to think that by choosing us, you choose to invest directly in the development of the countries where we operate.


If we do often enter new markets to support humanitarians involved in emergency response plans, we always seek to develop new services (internal passenger lines, regular regional cargo rotations, services to local institutions etc.) that will make our presence durable and sustainable.


As such, we also proudly invest a variety of charity programs, ranging from offering free seats (in partnership with our clients) to isolated communities and building remote airfields to open up difficult-to-access regions, to promoting social inclusion through sport events. Via Air is also a UN Global Compact signatory.